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Successfully Resolving Disputes Without Litigation

Not all legal disputes result in a costly, lengthy trial. Depending on the circumstances of your case it may be possible to resolve the underlying issues through alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or mediation. One thing these alternatives have in common with litigation is the importance of choosing an attorney you trust to guide you through the process and protect your interests at every stage of your case.

A Proven Lawyer For Alternative Dispute Resolution

In Chicagoland you can turn to Mary Patricia Benz, Attorney at Law, to skillfully resolve your legal dispute as efficiently as possible. As an experienced trial and appellate lawyer, Mary Pat Benz knows the importance of pursuing negotiations in a way that builds a framework for a successful litigation strategy in the event negotiations do not prove to be fruitful.

Mary Pat prefers arbitration and mediation where possible because it gives her clients far more control in the outcomes of their case and provides more privacy when the underlying dispute involves potentially sensitive information.


Arbitration is a dispute resolution process that is also lead by a neutral third party. The primary difference between arbitration and mediation is that arbitration will result in a binding decision, essentially a truncated court proceeding where the arbitrator or panel of arbitrators acts as judge. Like a trial, documents are submitted into evidence.


Mediation is a dispute resolution process headed up by a neutral third-party mediator, essentially a negotiation with a referee. Mary Pat Benz is an inductee of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals and prides herself on her ability to find innovative solutions that allow both parties to move forward feeling good about the outcome of mediation. Litigation remains an option when an agreement cannot be reached.

Protect Your Rights And Bottom Line

A trial will almost always be far more costly than arbitration or mediation. Call 872-777-9936 to schedule a consultation with Mary Pat Benz.